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a handmade necklace made of brass braided with black onyx & Silver 925 Lobster closure

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A handmade necklace corals, hematite, crystals & Silver 925 Lobster closure.


CORAL:Not truly a stone, but a hard calcium-like substance formed from the fossilized skeletons of marine life.Excellent for strengthening the abilities of the mind,and altered states of consciousness.

HEMATITE Healing Properties: Focus-Concentration-Willpower-Reliability-Courage-Confidence-Optimism-Trust-Balance-Stability-Protection / hematite is also known as the stone of happiness

Greeks and Egyptians,exploited systematically gemstone deposits for over five thousand years.Every culture and every religion has its own preferences.For us-Greeks the most precious stone was the crystal quartz ( based in Orphic texts ),for Chinese Jade,for Indians Ruby,for Egyptians Emerald.

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    so prettyyy!

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